20 December 2009

Slidentity: A Basic Presentation Creation App In Silverlight 3



Slidentity is a Presentation Creation app that Mike Harsh from the Silverlight team at Microsoft worked on for a Month by himself, and that he actually used as a code proof of concept while Silverlight 3 was in beta and later on also as a Tech Demo once Silverlight 3 was released as he did his presentation about Silverlight 3 using Slidentity to do them.


The best of the app is not only it is simple, light and looks good. What make it a nice choice if you need to make a basic presentation is that you can use it directly from your browser or that you can use it in your desktop because it got SL3 Out Of Browser support.




Line Editing

  • Bullets and indents using the tab key
  • Font face, size, style and color

Slide Editing

  • Background image and color
  • Slide reordering


  • 3D cube view Transition effect
  • Full Screen View ( Ctrl+F)
  • Zooming In  (Ctrl+Z)
  • Open & Save Locally
  • Can be loaded into a querystring


  • Via Browser (IE, Safari, Firefox)
  • Via OOB install     (PC and Mac)

Some Notes

As with all Silverlight 3 with OOB, if you want to install it you only need to right click once you are viewing it in your Browser and if you want uninstall once you already got it installed in your desktop, then you only need to launch it and right click again once it has loaded.  Installing or Uninstalling takes no more than 10 seconds to archive.


Slidentity  <—App Files Link


*Update* (03/09/2013) : The app website has been down for like a year. And so it is the case for the app files. But given someone requested me the app files. I have now upload them and updated the link in this post  accordingly. You can still use the app in-browser by clicking on the default.html file inside the Slidentity.Web folder. However you cannot install it to desktop without it breaking. Later I will show an easy way to keep using the app for those that happened to really like it and update this post with a link to that.


via Mike Harsh Blog




pankaj said...

I am not able to download source code for slidentity ... please any one provide updated link to download source code as I am developing similar kind of application

Avatar X said...

@pankaj Done.


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