14 December 2009

TeuxDeux: Online Calendar Timeline Styled ToDo List App


TeuxDeux (Phonetic play of To Do) is a very different kind of To-Do app, because of its Horizontal Timeline format that makes me think in Plurk and its strict use of Minimalism in its design.  It was designed by Swiss Miss and built by Fictive Kin in what results a very good Designer Studio-Development Studio collaboration because while TeuxDeux could not be simpler from how it looks and how it works. This kind of simple is usually hard to archive when it comes to having the will to Edit and Cutout as much from a elaborate design and end up with something basic while keeping relation to whatever the original concept was when it was being developed.

The Service



Once you have made your account it is ready to go. You are presented with a simple the mentioned Horizontal Calendar Timeline interface and right away you will see that the present day is marked in red to give you the sense of urgency and to call out your attention while subsequent days are presented in black. If you go back in the Timeline it will show the days and lists in them all grayed out and faded.

You only need to write into each day input field and hit enter to start filling you To-Do list columns. There is no way to rearrange them or mark their corresponding priority yet. I think a option that simply showed entries numbered as you input them would go a long way. So would be the way to rearrange them in the column.

You can write your tasks and reminders as long as you want them but TeuxDeux will only show the first line. You only need to hover in the “…” line for it to be shown as a context tooltip. If you don’t cross a task you have put for the present day, TeuxDeux will move it to the next day automatically. A simple but great thought gesture.  Yet a option to mark a task with “Only Today” rule would be handy for task that cannot be done any other day. That way they would not get moved automatically.



Another good design call from TeuxDeux is that it got a always present Show/Hide Feedback tab in the bottom right of the interface that lets you give feedback to the team at any given time without any transition elsewhere or without the new of a Lightbox.


Finally, if you scroll down to the end of the page, there is a Someday list set of columns that TeuxDeux refers as a Bucket List. So TeuxDeux is not only for short-term To-Do lists but also the Hypothetical, the Wishful and the Long Term ones.  Certainly a nice Final touch. So that’s about it. There are no real settings or anything else you can go see in the service.


  • - week overview
  • - check off done tasks
  • - delete tasks
  • - move tasks
  • - someday bucket

The Demo

TeuxDeux put a well thought out Demo that is very quick  so i am adding it here too. In case you just need to see another take.

TeuxDeux Demo from TeuxDeux on Vimeo.

Some Notes

There is nothing really wrong with TeuxDeux as it is. But given the layout you are given, you immediately start thinking in what kind of features would be good to have in it. I did some suggestions above. But just like i put in their Feedback Tab, what i would like to see in order to use it in my usual workflow that others might also find useful to have is the following:

  1. A way to set the Font Size.
  2. A way to set the size of TeuxDeux itself so you can easily have it in another but smaller browser window while you are working. I think 800x600 would be more than perfect.
  3. A 3 days overview based on Past-Present-Future.  So you can see 3 column lists. One for Yesterday so you know what you did, Today for what you are doing or should be about to do and Tomorrow so you act upon on that today. For me there is no really a need to see 5 days at a time.

Other thing that would be good to have is a Mobile Web version so it can be seen in every Smartphone OS

But that said, TeuxDeux is a really refreshing take on To-Do List apps and i love the concept and execution of its first version. If development on it has a nice pace, it is a app that could really make a difference for some. Very Recommended to take a look to it.




via Digital Inspiration.





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