04 December 2009

There Will Be Rants



Around apps and tech that is.

I decided that i want Appatic to be more personal and conversational than now. One of the best ways is to bring Rants into it. There are a lot of times when i write in my notes while researching posts, some stuff that of course never makes it to the actual post because it is too much back story or i go on a tangent about the Why, How and Who of this App, service exists, is worth a shot, etc.

Just today i had to erase a 1000 words draft i had on Etherpad since it is now useless because of the news of Google acquiring it. I already had this happen to me here in Appatic 3 times so far. It happened me with a private beta of something that i had got invites to give here and the post had to be erased because the startup in question resulted to be not only illegal and now it don’t even exists.  Other post got shafted because a startup in private beta changed his opinion on me showing photos and doing a preview.  Unlike big blogs, i do respect NDA’s, i do respect your CEO’s calls. So if you tell me to back down, i will honor the NDA. That is how it is.

But there also a lot of stuff you learn about the startups, the CEO behind the startups and so on that would not be out of place if wrote for Valleywag. but it is not the dish that actually interests me to tell (to know, if it falls on my path?..well..). For me it about the motivations and the connections of how such a product came to success or failure.

So, expect to read some Rants at any given time since i will not even try to schedule them .

And there is no need to actually assure they will be 100% rants, if we go the civil route in the naming, they can easily be: Opinion Pieces. Or at least that would be the idea.


Kelly Online said...

I look forward to reading them!

Avatar X said...

I already started with the one on FileBox. but Rants should be common here. ;)


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