21 December 2009

ToDo: Text ToDo List For Your Desktop


I have posted about some pretty basic and simple ToDo apps before in Appatic. But ToDo is not only basic in its generic name. I am pretty much sure that it must be one of the most basic apps that may have ever been done in WPF too.

Done by Clint Rutkas as a excuse to play with WPF. ToDo is a ToDo List app that will render the Text inside a .txt file you need to name “todo” and put in your desktop.


This way you can now manage your ToDo List with a .txt file that will update the rendered text every time you change it. You need to have a clear wallpaper for you to see the text from the ToDo List.

Right now if you want to install and use it you only need to download the zip file. extract it to a folder anywhere you may like and launch from the setup file. Assign a desktop shortcut to it and once you place a .txt file named todo with some text in it. The app will render the text.

So simple and yet convoluted that i cannot help but be amused by this little app. Needless to say that i don’t accept reclaims if you install it and dislike it. You should only download if this almost “too basic” idea amuses you too.


ToDo Info        <—Project Page

ToDo                 <—Direct Download Link


via Clint Rutkas





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