09 December 2009

Transmute: Advanced Bookmark Manager And Converter



In essence, Transmute main utility is to covert and transfer Browser Bookmarks (Any Main Browser) so they can be used in another browser you got installed. This app is for those that use Two Browsers or/and those/that also like to have around all of the main browsers installed for any given reason like yours truly.

But Transmute app got two sides; A Free One and A Paid One. So Lets lay them down:

Free Transmute




1.-Extensive Browser Support


2.-Ease of Use

The free consist on three clicks operations so it could not be easier, the pro version is very well laid out too and while featured it is very straight forward.

3.-Safe Transfer

Transmute Backups the Bookmarks before converting and keeps track of that when it transfers them to another browser.

Paid Transmute (PRO)


Everything FREE Transmute has and….

Advanced Features


4.- Online Bookmark Service Exporting

It can export to Delicious or Google Bookmarks.

5.-Use Profiles

Store and run multiple conversions from a single profile. This allows for easy execution, reuse and tweaking

6.-Advanced Control

Advanced modes, including presets such as "Mirror" and "Synchronize," allow you to control exactly how your bookmarks are handled.

7.-Duplicates Removal

Remove duplicate bookmarks on a per-folder or per-collection basis.

8.-Dead Bookmark Removal
Delete dead links to keep your collection up-to-date and optimized.
9.-Customizable Sorting

Sort your folders and/or bookmarks according to the specified properties.

10.-Command Line Support

Run profiles directly from the command line. This is essential for automatic scheduling as well as running conversions from batch files or other programs.

Some Notes

The FREE version of Transmute is more than enough if your use and management of Bookmarks is not intensive and you just want to have your bookmarks in your two most used browsers locally.

The Paid version of Transmute will run you $25 bucks. A price i consider quite steep for this kind of app. It would be nice if it was $9.99 or even $14.95. $25 is just too much but if you really want it is because your Bookmark management needs are very intense that you need to  sync even locally, need to be constantly checking for your Bookmarks status and you are also interested in having your Bookmark Locally and Online. But even if that it is the case you can replace the paid features with two separate apps and just use the Free part of Transmute. But as i said, if it was better priced and it offered support for more online services like Live Favorites (via Skydrive), Xmarks and Diigo. Then it would truly be more worthy of consideration.

But you can also get the Paid version for free if you are willing to fill some surveys and check some ad based offers from trailpay. And if you are a Android user you may also have another reason for the paid version as there is a Transmute Android app. Really weird to not see a iphone and windows mobile equivalent yet, so that is another point of improvement it would be needed to make the service rounder. But the basic service of what Transmute does it and does it so well that it is the best app for that so far, that i have seen. So that it is the reason i still recommend to use it.

Transmute is a .NET 2.0 app so it works in Windows XP, Vista & 7

There are also Mono 2.4 versions for Max OS X and Linux


Transmute Info                              <—Homepage

Transmute FREE                          <—Direct Download Link

Transmute FREE Portable      <—Direct Download Link

Transmute FREE Linux           <—Direct Download Link

Transmute FREE OS X              <—Direct Download Link





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