21 December 2009

Tuxpi: Apply Photo Effects And Picture Frames In A Instant


Tuxpi is a easy way to apply photo effects or picture frame effects to a photo directly from a webpage. you only need to upload a photo, apply a photo effect or picture frame and the re-download it the modified photo result.


There are 38 effects in total you can apply to a photo:

    • Motivational Poster Tool

      Create Motivational Posters with custom pictures and text.

    • Postage Stamp

      Your picture as a postage stamp.

    • Polaroid Effect

      Make your pictures appear to be taken with an instant camera.

    • Water Reflection

      Apply a water reflection to your picture.

    • Wanted Poster

      Make a Western Style wanted Poster.

    • Infinity

      This photo effect layers and blends a picture multiple times onto itself, giving it an effect of depth.

    • Pop Art Collage

      Remember the famous Warhol painting? With this tool you can create a similar collage using your own photo.

    • Mat Picture Frame

      Mat and frame your pictures with different colors and textures.

    • Flag Collage

      Create a collage with your photo and the flag of your country.

    • Canvas Tiles

      Modern art style canvas print effect.

    • Thumbnail Picture Frame

      Frame a photo with thumbnails of itself.

    • Stardust

      Add flashy stars to your picture.

    • Film Strip Effect

      Let's your picture look like a piece of a film strip.

    • Newscast Picture

      Make today's news yourself! Create a TV Newscast with your own photo.

    • Pixels

      Adds a clustered pattern to your pictures.

    • Wirl

      An artistic photo effect that layers and blends a picture onto rotated copies of itself.

    • Blueprint Photo Effect

      Add a cool blueprint effect to your picture.

    • Wall Painting Photo Effect

      Gives your photo the look as painted on cement.

    • Brushstroke Frame

      Add a discreet brush pattern around your pictures.

    • Photo Circles

      Circular copies surrounding your picture.

    • Fiery Flames

      Frame your photos with flames.

    • Nightvision

      Easily add a nightvision effect to your picture.

    • Heatmap

      Create a heatmap from your picture.

    • Photo Strips

      Slice your photo into strips and rearrange them.

    • Kaleidoscope

      This photo filter will apply a kaleidoscope effect to your picture.

    • Tritone Filter

    • Flower Frame

      Surround your picture with flowers.

    • Pencil Sketch

      Apply a pencil sketch effect to your photos.

    • Color Channel Swap

      Create fancy color effects by exchanging color channels with each other.

    • Sepia Tone Effect

      Apply a sepia tone to your photographs.

    • Swirl Picture Frame

      Montage your picture onto swirled tiles of itself.

    • Fade Out Effect

      Fade out parts of your photos, make them blend with the background or add a glowing effect.

    • Shape Tool

      Crop your photo to irregular shapes.

    • Pixeled Picture Frame

      Montages your photo onto a pixelized copy of itself.






large format printing said...

Apps that make instant changes to your pictures- from color schemes to simple frames- are essential in photo post-processing.

wedding photography said...

The photo effects look very compelling. I would love to try these effects on some of my photos. I hope that it would give a better image quality.


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