04 December 2009

ViewLike.Us: Check Your Blog In Multiple Resolutions



ViewLike.Us is a single-purpose online tool that helps you visualize your website or blog in multiple resolutions. Specially useful if you only have a netbook and a desktop with standard resolutions but you want to  check how your site will look to your visitors, depending the resolution they are viewing it in.


The service is Ajax & PHP based and the supported resolutions by it are:

  1. iphone
  2. Wii Browser
  3. 800x600
  4. 1024x768
  5. 1152x864
  6. 1280x800
  7. 1400x900
  8. 1600x1200
  9. 1920x1200

The most common web browsing resolutions overall are 1024x768, 1152x864 and 1280x800 as these correspond to something like 60%-75% of all visitors depending the subject of your site and your main target public.

But smaller resolutions are now very important because of smartphones, Internet Enabled TVs and devices, MID’s, Smartbooks and of course Netbooks. So the only resolutions missing from the supported list would be 480x360 and 1024x600 but otherwise they are all well represented enough.

ViewLike.Us will be of course of better utility right away if your website design is fluid or somewhat flexible and can contract and expand a little bit. But it should also give you ideas of how to improve your blog for future iterations or if you want to adapt it so it can be better viewed in different resolutions.

The service requires no registration and got no usage limits.







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