13 December 2009

Yes, Appatic Is Changing Theme


I am deciding on the new look for the site based in the Urban Snow Template i had made previously (Bloggeratto).

There are going to be some bumps and sudden changes here and there.

Sorry in advance for any inconvenience you may encounter while visiting the homepage.

*Update 1*(13/12/09): It may very take all week to get it right but posting WILL NOT be interrupted.



Editor said...

Cool site man!
Glad to see it gaining popularity.

Kelly Online said...

It looks great so far. Loads a little faster in Firefox 3.5.5 than in IE8, though.

Charnita F. said...

Can't wait to see the finished product!

Avatar X said...

@D Anderson:

Thanks Derek. Good to see you visiting.

Avatar X said...

@Kelly & ChaCha Fance:

I had to jump the gun to this template layout base so the Blogs do look related before me starting to really promote, ping and indexing The Blogs once i reach 100 blog posts here and once i had also reached a minimum unique visitors range.

Hope i do it right.

The layout will be the once staying similar to Bloggeratto. Everything else from the icons, fonts and colors will be the part shifting and adjusting constantly.


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