25 January 2010

FilesPump: A File Search Engine For All Online File Sharing Sites


Sometimes trying to search for a specific file in Online File Sharing sites like Rapdishare  results in nothing but a waste of time. There are many other file search engines like Shufs that can help to get better results. Most of the times they are just Custom Google Search Engines with some Filter Scripts.

FilesPumps goes beyond that by adding search trends and tracking what is being searched and then indexing the results that are getting clicked. This way it is able to offer what is being downloaded, what is being searched the most and in the end it means you are more likely to get the file you want.

In my quick testing i found it yields way better results than the common file search engines i mentioned above.  FilesPump also offers Plugins for both Internet Explorer and Firefox. So that also gives it points in being something actually useful, you can use more than just once in a while and then forget all about it. I do must state that the way you use it and the content you download while using it falls under your own judgment and responsibility. By following the link in this post, i consider  you aware of that very fact.




*Update 1* (04/08/10): Looks like the domain has been seized by the USA government. What it is interesting about that. Is that when such thing happens is because it was seen a reported organized crime operation. It looks like it was managed from New York and with a USA domain register by Immigrants, as ICE is the seal put up front in the strikedown statement label. as it can be seen by visiting the domain.

I do not reproduce it here, because it seems it is actually nebulously illegal to even show one of these strikedown statement labels that carry official agency logos. Just so you know.

But don’t worry much. As a clone of filespump is already up and running.

*Update 2* (18/09/10): FilesPump clone looks to be down because its database has crashed. I ignore if it will rise again or not. If you are still looking for something similar to FilesPump, the only other working option right now would be Music&Files.




rapidshare search said...

Thanks, that's a good search engine.

Anonymous said...

Actualy, there is a comment on yahoo questions/answere on filepump claiming that the seizure is a fake. In any case there is FindFiles.net, a generic file-search engine.

Avatar X said...


Perhaps, thanks for the comment.


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