26 January 2010

Music And Files: Search Engine For Music Files In Online File Sharing Sites


File Search Engines are nothing new. Before, they were just Custom Google Search Engines with a few filter scripts. A good example of that is Shufs. But now they are getting a lot more sophisticated and they now index, catalogue, filter and trend their own searches and the file searched like actual real search engines. A prime choice of that new improved custom search engines would be FilesPump. But even if they specialize in a single vertical as it is file searching, some kind of files need even more filters to yield the results you want as fast as you want them.


Music and Files is just like FilesPump but it specializes in Music related files first.  After testing it with a dozen different queries, the results were really good i must say.  With Music and Files you can search the biggest Online File Sharing Sites around and that is why the results can vary from good to excellent depending what you are looking for. I do must state that the way you use it and the content you download while using it falls under your own judgment and responsibility. By following the link below in this post, i consider you aware of that very fact.


Music and Files





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