18 January 2010

OpenPDF: E-book PDF Search Engine


OpenPDF is a simple Google powered custom search engine with some filter scripts that lets you search for all kind of PDF files. So you can search for a E-book, a document or a magazine and got a better chance to find it.

I previously posted about Search-PDF-Books because that is the one i personally used. I still like that one better, but OpenPDF does got you something different to add and that is a integrated PDF viewer. The PDF viewer is taken from Google Docs and it loads embedded in-page. The problem is that it don’t works half of the time. But it is a good idea to have that for those who don’t want to load a full instance of their PDF Reader or they can’t for one reason or another.

But overall the experience is good and it is a nice alternative to have if you are constantly searching for PDF’s.






PdfDbase said...

You can also use the same facilities in pdfdbase.com

Anry said...

That's cool, thanks. I also use http://www.usemeplz.com for searching ebooks. Think it is also not bad, plus no banners on the site.


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