18 January 2010

PDFmyURL: Make A PDF Out Of Any URL Instantly.


PDFmyURL is a online single purpose tool that lets you convert any web url into a PDF file instantly.


It can be used in 3 different ways:

1.-Casual web service:

You go to the website, load up a url and off you go with your PDF file.

2.-Bookmarklet tool:

You add the bookmarklet to your browser and each time you want to save a web site as a PDF, one click and you are ready to with your PDF file.

3.-On demand web tool:

You can add PDFmyURL as a service to the homepage or postpages of your Blog or Website. you only need to set it for automatic url selection for post pages or as a static link for a single url like this:

<a href=http://pdfmyurl.com?url=www.Appatic.com>download this page as pdf</a>

Some Notes:

You can also do more specific configurations on how do you want PDFmyURL to render a url and convert it to PDF, but you need to read the guide in the website to check if it is something you would want.

The service is simple and it works very well as i tried it out with several pages. It was also very fast too. Recommended.






Anonymous said...

Similar web to pdf converter http://www.web2pdfconvert.com
Support Flash and other jingles.

Avatar X said...


Thanks, i will check that one out too.


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