25 January 2010

toRSS: Turn Your Incoming E-mails Into A RSS Feed


toRSS is a very good solution to make sure that you keep track of your E-mail and also serves as a way to have more than one way to remind yourself of that. The way toRSS does that is by letting you take all your incoming E-mails from your inbox and convert them and list them into a RSS feed. This way you can read your mails as you read the news for your favorite sites and services.

Why would i want to do that?

One reason would be so you do not forget to answer your E-mails and another because you can keep a better track of your E-mail this way. While i don’t use toRSS myself. I use a desktop-to-web solution to archive the same thing. Unless you are using Outlook or Evolution, you usually cannot set e-mail handling rules. These can be handy because you can set that all incoming e-mail has to be seen twice to be considered “Read” or you can set a timer so every amount of hrs all e-mails are declared “Read” but never before that time even if you have seen them already.

So if you are not using a E-mail Desktop Client you have to rely on your preferred web E-mail provider. Having a RSS feed of your E-mail allows you to read your E-mail before you hit your actual inbox if you like me prefer to read the news first that E-mail. So if you have already read your E-mail in your FeedReader, once you do see all the incoming E-mails in your actual inbox. You will already know which ones you want to read again, reply, delete or disregard but keep. I think it makes for a better E-mail workflow and if you agree with me, then toRSS is a good way to check if it also works for you.

In my case i can also harvest all my E-mail via the IE8 Feed Reader. Given the IE8 Feed Reader can be tweaked and enhanced with Plugins, you are able to keep and save all your e-mail that way and even back it up and export it to different file formats if you desire it.

How do i use toRSS?

It could really not be simpler. You only have to fill up a service form. Clicking on the icon of your web E-mail provider in that form will actually pre-fill the form with the settings needed for your provider, so you only have to add your Username and Password.


                (Example showing common settings for Windows Live Hotmail)


Once you have filled up the form, just click “Generate Feed” and you will be given a RSS Feed for your incoming E-mail. Just don’t share that feed publicly or lose sight of how you are using it. If you do, then just change your  E-mail password and that feed will just stop working.


I think toRSS is a great solution given it eliminates the learning curve and technicalities of having to maintain a Desktop to Web solution of the same like i do and because of the possible benefits it can bring to your E-mail handling. The only actual price to use it. Is that you need to trust toRSS  with your E-mail account credentials and to have clear that you must use it with care. Even then i still Recommend it.






Kelly said...

Interesting, but this would not be useful for me, as I do things the other way around. I always check my inbox first and many times throughout the day, so it's better for me to get important feeds there.

But I will pass this along for others who can use it. :)

Avatar X said...


Yeah, this is not for everybody. Still thought it worthwhile to post on it.


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