18 January 2010

Upload Pie: A Simple Image Sharing Tool And Temporary Image Hosting Service.


There are many Image Hosting and Image Sharing Tools around, but what if you want to share a image with someone and you would prefer that the image was only up for a set amount of time?. Many image hosting do have the policy of erasing images every month or even every week. But not many let you directly erase a picture or set the time you want it to be available for consume.


That is the idea behind Upload Pie. They let you share a image or set of images (as a PDF) up to 3mb big and you then set the time for the picture to be available for viewing. The images are only available for as long as a pie can get consumed. Given that a pie usually gets consumed at the end of a meal, the smallest amount of time a image can be available is 30 minutes. And given that most pies only can last a week even if  in refrigeration, that is the longest you can share a picture. Very clever way to associate the name with what the tool does don’t it?.


Once you have uploaded your file, you are then given a Upload Pie short url for you to share the picture. That is pretty much it. The idea is simple and sound, the website got a very pretty design and it could not be more straight forward. Pretty much the only thing i wish it had is that the picture share had a landing page instead of just loading the image and that it gave you a way to share the Upload Pie short url to Twitter, Facebook or a E-mail right away after it gives you the url. So i hope they add those features to make the site even better. Still a nice little online single-purpose tool worth of a bookmark.


Upload Pie




Rihards said...

The idea behind not having a landing page and showing the image directly is so that you can embed the link in your HTML.

"A way to share the Upload Pie short url to Twitter, Facebook or a E-mail right away after it gives you the url" I like this idea, and will talk to the designer about it and see what we can come up with :)

And thank you for taking your time to review and write about Upload Pie.

Avatar X said...


No problem, glad you like the post. I do think that a stylized tinypic-like landing page in the style of UploadPie would do a lot of good. Also because you can put a way to share that link in that landing page too.

Please let me know of your updates and i will add them or write again about them if applicable.

Anonymous said...



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