22 February 2010

Fav4.org: Minimalistic Icon Based Startpage


Startpages seem to be in vogue yet again when it comes to the non-widget based kind.

Just startpages with shortcuts for the most frequently visited websites. No doubt that Opera 10 and Chrome 4 have something to do with this new found interest for what Opera calls the web Speed Dial and that later got shamelessly ripped off by Google with Chrome.

Fav4.org takes this idea to the bare minimum. Only 4 big icons for your 4 most visited websites. That is it. No more, no less. 4 striking and very soothing looking icons. I love the idea but dislike the limitations of it. Right now you can choose from a list of 73 web properties icons for your Startpage.


If your favorite webpage icon is not in here, the only thing you can do is to suggest it to the developer so it gets added later on. Right no there is still no choice to make the shortcut icons to open in a new tab but the developer says it is coming soon. Other updates are also going to be added.

Some Notes

But that still don’t overcomes the fact of ONLY being able to have 4 web icons in your startpage at a time.  As much as i like the idea of Fav4.org. I would like to be able to decide the layout for it. In my case i would go with 3 row levels and up to 5 icons per row.

(If someone makes a clone of this with that option, let me know. Of course that the developer of fav4 will never be able to add those changes without changing the name of the site.)

So the only option would be if there could be more 4 icon line-ups (lets say 3) that could be slide-out/pop-out to appear by a tiny pagination selector at the bottom (like the one you see in this blog). At least that is the only solution i see that could work for Fav4.org being truly enticing to more users and also remaining with the same look it has now.

However, if you like the idea as it is. Fav4.org is a good option for a minimal and pretty startpage.



*Update*(15/08/10): Fav4 is now more as it got completely revamped and greatly upgraded as MyFav. Check the  post on that new iteration.




Charnita F. said...

I like the idea, very cool but you're right; the restrictions are very limiting and that sucks.

Anonymous said...

I use keyF11.com I think it is better than fav4.org
Keyf11 is nontraditional online bookmark manager, on-line browser with sticky notes (you can save and share – bookmarks as thumbnails with notes, browse and arrange websites (size, position and save the layout of windows – ideal for HDTV) , active previews (title and favicons) of all panels, sticky notes…)

After registration you have own address for your favourite web pages (keyf11.com/nickname) and you can send your own link to anybody and simply share your favourite pages with notes notes.
You can share everything except your private panels, which are password protected and hide. keyfF11 is free web application I recommend.


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