08 February 2010

IzzyTodo: A Easy And Fast ToDo List Builder, Yet Uninspired.


IzzyTodo is a quite obvious, but still moderately clever phonetic word play of “Easy To Do”. Is a quick way to build ToDo Lists and keep track of more than one of them at the same time.



The ToDo list builder is a asynchronous active form with a widget like behavior.  You set up a title (target) for the set of tasks you need to get doing. As you add them, they come prefilled with tasks so you can see how they will look.  You click on the text and change it as many times you want on the fly.  If you want to erase a task you can delete it and the space will be eliminated and the form will contract to adapt. You finish a task and it is crossed over.


The builder and the aspect of the form is good. The service is easy to use and it don’t gets in your way. The only problem is that it is a single-purpose tool that lacks inspiration and some focus around it.

It presents you a landpage where you can accumulate and watch your lists but the page wastes a lot of space without reason. This makes it less proper and comfortable to use it as a Startpage or in a SSB.

That brings me to the question: “Is izzyTodo a web service page or a web service utility?”. Above i made the case that if it is supposed to be a startpage or landpage. It does a horrible job on that. It does worse on the second possible use. You cannot do anything with the lists beyond having them there. Why they aren’t exportable widgets?. even iFrame based would be welcomed. The answer is just: “No clue”.

So it takes me to the conclusion: That i like the idea and how the actual product works and looks (The actual ToDo Lists). But i am baffled on how it is being presented and “pitched” to me; because it cannot be used in a way that lives to the tool potential that would make it actually useful and worthwhile to use.

I hope that IzzyTodo makes up its mind on what exactly the service is and how it is supposed to be used. Given the tool is actually good.







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