08 February 2010

Tagul: Woldle-Like Tag Cloud Widget Generator


There are many Tag Cloud Generators out there. One example would be TagCrowd. But it is a super simple option compared to Tagul. In this case what you get is not just a Tag Cloud but a Flash based Dynamic and Interactive Wordle-Like Tag Cloud. 


That means you can shape it, color it, set different fonts and interact with it. Because of that you need to make a Tagul account. With it you can create 10 Tagul Tag Cloud for free.

A Tagul can hold up to 300 tags based on a domain but you need to manually adjust and set everything for it to work. Once you do have it working right then you can manage the Tag Clouds from your Tagul account and you will then be able to embed the code in your Blog or Website.

A good little utility, that is quite feature packed. The only criticism i can make on it is that the setup should be easier and it should have several automatic setup modes, so anyone can try it out faster.  Some video demos and live examples in two test blogs (one Wordpress, one Blogger) would also be a good idea to really inspire confidence in people to use it.






YungSang said...

I made it.
Thanks for the info. :)

segreto said...

I'm trying to use it in http://www.segreti.it


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