22 February 2010

Tasque 0.1.9 : Now With Custom Highlighting, Mono 2.6 Support And More Integrations.


After almost 14 months without any update. Tasque is now finally up to date again thanks to the 0.1.9 release.  This release comes with

  • Support for Mono >= 2.6  
  • Customizable color highlighting in tasks. 
  • Clear "New Task..." text in inputfield on drag and drop
  • Option to change category via context menu
  • Hiveminder improvements
  • Close task window on ESC keypress
  • Initial implementation of tooltip for the tray icon
  • Translation updates for: cs, da, de, en_GB, eo, es, et, gl, gr, hu, id, it, ja, nds, pl, pt, pt_BR, sl, sv, th, zh_CN.


A seriously needed and worthwhile update for everyone using Tasque. Also makes it more palatable to those still in the fence on trying it or not.

Go to the Tasque post for full details on Tasque and its installation. If you are updating, then just proceed to download it.



Tasque 0.1.9     <—Direct Download Link


via Mario Carrion




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