08 February 2010

TicTacDo: Checklist Based How-To’s For Activities


TicTacDo is a web service that forces me to use the Hollywood Movie Producer Pitch Method in order to describe it:

TicTacDo could be seen as ToDo Lists meets How-To’s meets Yahoo Answers meets Activity Planning meets YouTube-like community site.

Laying that set of comparisons would result in this condensed explanation:

TicTacDo is a web community site and service to host and build ready-to-use checklists that detail step-by-step activity based How-to’s that can be shared, rated, collaborated and commented.




That is the core concept and i must say that TicTacDo is one of the best new community sites i have seen in 2010 (even if the service might be older). It takes a series of common concepts and really bring them together in a compressive, cohesive and just very well executed service.  It is based on Konolive, that is a collaboration software and platform. so that also point in favor. It is just a good sign seeing that platform in action into a finished product by the same people that created that software.




Right now the TicTacDo community is still not as known and as used i think it should be. It is a really great service. Easy to use, clean design,  you can share, you can rank, you can “defy” a Checklist by doing your own based on someone else checklist; if you think it is not clear enough or something about it is wrong. You can also just comment and note it out to the Checklist creator in a collaboration track each page got once you are a member.

It is also great to see something that is 100% focused and don’t tries to tackle too many concepts at once. In the case of TicTacDo, it is all about activities as the motivation for everything. Those activities then need be thought as How-To’s that instead of written explanations or answers as you would solve or read them in a service like Yahoo Answers. You instead articulate them as ToDo Checklists.


That said, even the best community sites and focused ideas will die a quick death if people don’t use the service and if people don’t engage with the service. So the affluence of people in TicTacDo is what can make or break it like with everything else. I would like it if it succeeded. Not because i like it myself, but because it is actually good.

One thing i would do like is if TicTacDo Checklists could be portable for its creator or by the creator decision. That means that i not only would like to share the link, but the actual checklist as a widget. Other than that i find the service easy to recommend as it is.






Anonymous said...

Magniv! cool!

Yossi Dan said...

Hi Appatic / Avatar X,
We have just made some major update of www.TicTacDo.com... Your article was so good with our first beta, that I wanted to share that with you, even before we make some noise about it. Have a look and tell me what you think (yossi AT tictacdo DOT com).


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