14 March 2010

UpsideDownText: Reverse Or Put Any Text Upside Down Anywhere


Putting upside down or reversed text into tweets, IM conversations, Chats and even E-mails can provide you of a quick laugh here and there. So why not try it out if the situation arises right?. While i used to do something similar many many years ago and the novelty is lost on me.  That don’t means you cannot enjoy of a quick laugh with it or even if you want to use it as a way to annoy someone that deserves it if you have never tried it out.


UpsideDownText.com can reverse or put upside down any text you write or copy & paste on the site form. Once you have the desired text converted, you only need to reuse it wherever you want. Works almost everywhere.

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ShadyUrl: Don't Just Shorten Your URL, Make It Suspicious And Frightening.

There are times where a web tool or service has the perfect tagline or slogan and i just don’t dare to change it. ShadyURL is one of those.

An url shortener/masker that makes any innocent link short or long into something scary or seriously politically incorrect. Sounds like fun already right?  It still requires common sense while using it of course. But this is a very good online prank tool because it will make every user pause even if for a second before clicking on it. No matter if it is a Internet Noob or a Veteran.  Well, if they do read the link before clicking that is…..


You only need to put any link you want to shorten or mask and ShadyURL will do the rest just like any other link masker/shortener.





Linkbait Generator

The phrase “Is funny because is true” in itself is meant to be used in a reiterative remark most of the times.

Linkbait Generator fits the bill perfectly for it.


If you ever wondered how some of the main bloggers in the biggest blogs manage to produce such successfully irresistible blog post titles and where they get the ideas for their posts, look no more!. They all seem to be using the linkbait generator with a level of wizardry that sure is off the charts.

This site will generate all kinds of inflammatory, controversial and infantile headlines and as much of them as you want. but in the end you will need the nerve, commitment and lack of desire to do things the right way to make a post out of them.  So proceed to use it with caution ;)


Linkbait Generator



08 March 2010

Gary Flake TED Microsoft Pivot Demo Now Online

tmp5DA        tmp5F8

It took some weeks after Microsoft Pivot got itself available for Download, but the TED conference Demo from Gary Flake on Microsoft Live Labs Pivot is now online and ready to watch:

The session only last 6 minutes, but  it is breath-taking (more if you like data visualization or stat charts)  because it shows how you can navigate actual data. Map it in a relational structure and then look at it from a broad big picture or focus in a single detail filtered from either massive amounts of data or even just a single document. Truly inspiring. Just don’t take my word for it and give it a watch.

And remember that if you want to watch more TED sessions, you can do so with the TED Talks Silverlight 3 app from the comfort of your desktop (PC or Mac).        


Microsoft Pivot*


*Update* (08/03/11): Looks like Microsoft has now taken down the Microsoft Pivot site for some reason. It is now instead just redirecting to Bing. So I instead give the direct download link that continues to work. If for some reason it stops working, let me know and I will upload Pivot to skydrive for you all to download again.

*Update* (01/01/17): Link updated to redirect to the file that is now on Microsoft Download Center

Download Microsoft Pivot                     <—Direct Download Link


Watermarker: Add Watermarked Text To Photos Easily And Quickly

tmp2E               tmp3CF

Adding watermarked text is actually easy. You can do it with office in several ways, paint and almost any photo editor. But you have to do it one by one and it then quickly becomes a slow chore you will not want to do anymore.


Watermarker is a tiny portable app (28k!!) and  all its purpose is to help you watermark photos in the quickest and simplest way. It is main attractive is not only only that it is a tiny portable app but that it let you watermark images in batches and select in what format you want them. So you can have 10 .jpg images and have them watermarked and turned into .png images in less than one minute. It is THAT simple.

The app is a open source codeplex project in a supposed alpha state (more like a beta), but i have tried it out and it works great in XP, Vista or 7. The developer is also looking for feature requests and opinions. In my case i would like to see the following in order to make it “perfect”".

1.-A option to select the height of the watermark in a picture: Top, Center or Bottom

2.-A option to indicate a level of text transparency

3.-A option to add a image instead of text. That way you can watermark them with your logo if you want.

If those 3 things get added later. Watermarker can be not just the good app it already is today, it can become a must have one too. But if you were in the look for a simple image watermarking app, look no further.





Beware Of Security Essentials 2010, It Is Malware


If you see something called Security Essentials 2010 (That can look as in the above screenshot) somewhere. Let it know to whoever installed it that it is a fake software full of malware. If you see someone recommending it anywhere, report him to the network or site moderator.

This thing trying to lure people into thinking it is Microsoft Security Essentials is a really bad piece of malware. You can read all the details on it here as stated by a Microsoft representative:



FeedMyInbox: Get Any Site Or Feed Updates Via E-mail

feedmyinbox.com logo

If your preferred way to get updates from your favorite blogs is E-mail. You should already know that not all blogs or sites count with this option or maybe do but they are only partial updates. The workaround to that is usually creating feeds from websites, then taking that feed to a RSS to E-mail service and then just hope that both services work right.

FeedMyInbox does the same thing in a single service. You can take any feed and send it to your E-mail, but you can also do the same with websites. 

So you can manage the sources you are getting the updates from  with a single dashboard.

The services is Freemium based. So you can keep track of 5 sources for free (site or feed) and if you want more you can choose a paid plan starting at $50 a year or $5 a month for 25 sources + more advanced and faster management.

I find the service very good but i think it is a bit overpriced. I think that it should start with a 9.99 a year service for 15 sources and then go up for the $50 a year or $5 a month but for 50 sources to make it attractive enough to be a impulse buy. But even then, 5 for free is a good deal. You just have to think on what 5 sources would you really really want to push to your E-mail.

If you are curious about it but still not convinced, they also got a nice video demo that shows how it works.






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