08 March 2010

FeedMyInbox: Get Any Site Or Feed Updates Via E-mail

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If your preferred way to get updates from your favorite blogs is E-mail. You should already know that not all blogs or sites count with this option or maybe do but they are only partial updates. The workaround to that is usually creating feeds from websites, then taking that feed to a RSS to E-mail service and then just hope that both services work right.

FeedMyInbox does the same thing in a single service. You can take any feed and send it to your E-mail, but you can also do the same with websites. 

So you can manage the sources you are getting the updates from  with a single dashboard.

The services is Freemium based. So you can keep track of 5 sources for free (site or feed) and if you want more you can choose a paid plan starting at $50 a year or $5 a month for 25 sources + more advanced and faster management.

I find the service very good but i think it is a bit overpriced. I think that it should start with a 9.99 a year service for 15 sources and then go up for the $50 a year or $5 a month but for 50 sources to make it attractive enough to be a impulse buy. But even then, 5 for free is a good deal. You just have to think on what 5 sources would you really really want to push to your E-mail.

If you are curious about it but still not convinced, they also got a nice video demo that shows how it works.






Charnita F. said...

This is what I use now. Have been using it for awhile. I use it only for friend's blogs because I only check Google Reader once a week, sometimes less...... So I used Feed Informer to combine multiple RSS feeds to one digest and then I use Feed My Inbox to get that one digest in my email :)


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