08 March 2010

Gary Flake TED Microsoft Pivot Demo Now Online

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It took some weeks after Microsoft Pivot got itself available for Download, but the TED conference Demo from Gary Flake on Microsoft Live Labs Pivot is now online and ready to watch:

The session only last 6 minutes, but  it is breath-taking (more if you like data visualization or stat charts)  because it shows how you can navigate actual data. Map it in a relational structure and then look at it from a broad big picture or focus in a single detail filtered from either massive amounts of data or even just a single document. Truly inspiring. Just don’t take my word for it and give it a watch.

And remember that if you want to watch more TED sessions, you can do so with the TED Talks Silverlight 3 app from the comfort of your desktop (PC or Mac).        


Microsoft Pivot*


*Update* (08/03/11): Looks like Microsoft has now taken down the Microsoft Pivot site for some reason. It is now instead just redirecting to Bing. So I instead give the direct download link that continues to work. If for some reason it stops working, let me know and I will upload Pivot to skydrive for you all to download again.

*Update* (01/01/17): Link updated to redirect to the file that is now on Microsoft Download Center

Download Microsoft Pivot                     <—Direct Download Link



Anonymous said...


http://www.getpivot.com/ not available ¿why?

Avatar X said...

@Anonymous1: I don't know why it was removed, but the original download link for the app still works so i have corrected the post.

Thanks for your comment. That is how i was able to change both blog post on Pivot so fast.

GR said...

The direct link no longer works-can you provide an uploasd link to skydrive

Avatar X said...

@GR Done


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