14 March 2010

ShadyUrl: Don't Just Shorten Your URL, Make It Suspicious And Frightening.

There are times where a web tool or service has the perfect tagline or slogan and i just don’t dare to change it. ShadyURL is one of those.

An url shortener/masker that makes any innocent link short or long into something scary or seriously politically incorrect. Sounds like fun already right?  It still requires common sense while using it of course. But this is a very good online prank tool because it will make every user pause even if for a second before clicking on it. No matter if it is a Internet Noob or a Veteran.  Well, if they do read the link before clicking that is…..


You only need to put any link you want to shorten or mask and ShadyURL will do the rest just like any other link masker/shortener.






Anonymous said...

I like it!

Unknown said...

lols! hilarious..


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