14 March 2010

UpsideDownText: Reverse Or Put Any Text Upside Down Anywhere


Putting upside down or reversed text into tweets, IM conversations, Chats and even E-mails can provide you of a quick laugh here and there. So why not try it out if the situation arises right?. While i used to do something similar many many years ago and the novelty is lost on me.  That don’t means you cannot enjoy of a quick laugh with it or even if you want to use it as a way to annoy someone that deserves it if you have never tried it out.


UpsideDownText.com can reverse or put upside down any text you write or copy & paste on the site form. Once you have the desired text converted, you only need to reuse it wherever you want. Works almost everywhere.

¡unℲ ǝʌɐH






Anonymous said...

This is an interesting idea, thanks.


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