08 March 2010

Watermarker: Add Watermarked Text To Photos Easily And Quickly

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Adding watermarked text is actually easy. You can do it with office in several ways, paint and almost any photo editor. But you have to do it one by one and it then quickly becomes a slow chore you will not want to do anymore.


Watermarker is a tiny portable app (28k!!) and  all its purpose is to help you watermark photos in the quickest and simplest way. It is main attractive is not only only that it is a tiny portable app but that it let you watermark images in batches and select in what format you want them. So you can have 10 .jpg images and have them watermarked and turned into .png images in less than one minute. It is THAT simple.

The app is a open source codeplex project in a supposed alpha state (more like a beta), but i have tried it out and it works great in XP, Vista or 7. The developer is also looking for feature requests and opinions. In my case i would like to see the following in order to make it “perfect”".

1.-A option to select the height of the watermark in a picture: Top, Center or Bottom

2.-A option to indicate a level of text transparency

3.-A option to add a image instead of text. That way you can watermark them with your logo if you want.

If those 3 things get added later. Watermarker can be not just the good app it already is today, it can become a must have one too. But if you were in the look for a simple image watermarking app, look no further.







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