30 April 2010

FakePosters: Create Your Own Motivational-Like Poster

FakePosters Logo

Fake Posters took the idea of Motivational Posters Parodies ( Now a “Classic” Internet Meme ) and made it a online generator and community.  And you know what?. It is a good idea as a somewhat continuous source of amusement. I am actually surprised this idea was not taken on by the Pet Holdings network (icanhaz, failblog, etc) given the  amount of sites they got.


It could not be easier to use. It should not take you more than 3 minutes, really:

  • Choose a photo
  • Write your title and your text
  • Save your poster and share it.


    Or just check the posters in the site and edit any poster you like and make your own if you are feeling lazy. You can edit any poster already posted you find in the gallery.

    Once you do you will end with a poster like the one shown below.









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