24 April 2010

Opera Mobile And Opera Mini Browser Emulators

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Opera Mobile and Opera Mini are still to this day the most popular Mobile Browsers in the world and that is not just because they are good but because you can find them everywhere. From the cheapest Feature Phone to the highest end Smartphone. But also because it can be even found in other devices like the Wii.  So while Opera is a no-story in the desktop, it is THE story when it comes to mobile. And mobile is the most important new thing to care for when it comes to finding an audience.

So with that in mind if you have a blog or a website, it is in your best interest if it can be seen well with Opera Mobile Browsers. Thing you can now do without having them in different phones but from your Desktop and your Browser.

Opera Mobile 10 Browser Emulator

It is being offered as a download for all the platforms in all the current OS versions so you can install it and check your sites, blog or any site you want and see how it renders in Opera Mobile 10 Browser.  Usually found in most Smartphone OS platforms and as the basis of the Wii Browser.


It opens by default in the highest offered by Opera Mobile that is 480 x 800 and you simply resize the window if you want to check how sites would be seen in the other common or not so common smartphone resolutions ( like 480 x 600 or 360 x 480, etc )

You have all the features you would see by running it in a device so it is a 100% faithful emulation.

Opera Mini 5 Browser Emulator

It is being offered In-Browser at a dedicated page in Opera Software website. The only thing you need is to have Java installed in order to see the Demo. Opera Mini 5 is the latest version and it is what is being shipped in the newest feature phones and it is also now being offered for the iPhone thanks to Opera being able to make a special version of it just for the iPhone OS.


If you need or want to check the previous version Opera Mini, there is also a link for the 4.2 Simulation that you can see in another page. The Opera Mini Emulators (and simulators) are also 100% faithful to how you would use them in a mobile device.

Some Notes

If you see some strange formatting issues in the Opera Mobile browsers that is because of some Auto-Formatting that they automatically apply to how HTML is presented. The problem is that it will either ignore the canvas measures of your template or the measure of the images in a page respective to the an article body.  But usually the page will still be perfectly readable.  Flash, Silverlight, JavaFx  elements  and sometimes Ad units will not be displayed as they are not supported by the browsers.  

Still great to have these emulators around to easily check your websites or blogs. Recommended.


Opera Mobile Browser Emulator

Opera Mini Browser Emulators





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