29 April 2010

PDFcast: Upload, Search and Share PDF Files Online

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I have posted about PDF search engines like Search PDF Books and OpenPDF.  But i didn’t had posted about a PDF documents network before, because i had not found one good enough to recommend.

PDFCast changes that. This is a Digital Documents Network like Scribd or Docstoc but only for the PDF file format.  It also happens to be a marketplace for selling E-books and Technical Documents as it also allows you to do that if you happen to have a Ebook or the rights for any documents you think people may want to pay for. Otherwise all the other files are for free viewing or downloading.



You can browse for PDF Documents and Ebooks by search or category filters.



You can upload PDF files up to 10mb and have them displayed in a PDF viewer in a landing page where you can also leave comments.



You can also share that file by embedding the viewer for your PDF file in your blog or website.

Or by downloading the file and then pass it around if needed.

In short a great online community and digital documents network for those entirely geared into the PDF format.







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