27 April 2010

Pixuffle: A Online Photo Scrambler

pixuffle logo

Pixuffle is a single purpose online tool that allows you to open a photo from your PC and then lets you scramble sections of the photo to turn it into a Puzzled Photo.

You only need to click start to load a picture.

( If you are using IE8, you will need to use the compatibility mode for Pixuffle to work. )


Once you have loaded a picture, it will place a overlay of four sliders that will let you slide half of the photo in two directions in a endless loop.  Now you only need to mess around with the sliders however you want.


Once you are satisfied with how your photo puzzle looks. You can either save it locally, save it locally while also sharing it to the Pixuffle Flickr Gallery, scrap it and load a new photo or simply reset the photo to its original state and start anew.


So this is pretty much a reverse photo puzzle because the point is to scramble the photo and not to assemble it back. The result of such scrambles sometimes do have very pleasing/amusing looking results and sometimes they are just a mess ( like my quick example above ). If you like the idea, trying Pixuffle out will only take 1 minute of your time.







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