25 April 2010

Shady Email: Hide Your Real Email Behind A Suspicious Disposable One

Shady Email

From the same developer behind ShadyUrl, now you can have a Disposable E-mail with the same humorous and fun concept.

Disposable E-mails generators and programs became a nice tool to have around the times of the Web 2.0 craze back in 2004-2005. As people starting using them to sign up to all kind of services in order to avoid the spam that was overflowing into inboxes everywhere as spam filters back then were not a sophisticated as now.  So these Disposable E-mails will forward everything to your real E-mail. But the contents will pass an additional layer of Spam prevention via the Disposable E-mail Service. Add the fact that you will be fully aware of where did you used it and having one will make the possibility of any actual spam reaching you even slimmer.

Shady Email will let you have a Disposable Email account powered by WhySpam.Me with a suspicious name from a generic looking domain just by filling a simple form.  While the idea of a Disposable E-mail as a way to prevent E-mail Spam is sound already, making it Shady will actually increase its chance of spam never getting to you.  Spam Networks do actually scan all the E-mails addresses they acquire and rank them against a database based on the name and domain. They will still try to spam every account they harvest, but they will get spammed differently and with different intensity based on its ranking. 

So it not only offers a nice service, it will also make it amusing for you to use it.

If after a little while of having the Disposable E-mail generated by Shady Email you want to erase it, the only thing you need to do is Open WhySpam.Me and go to the “Manage Spam” section to find that function.


Shady Email





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