03 April 2010

SocializedCard: A Landing Web Page For Your Online Identity

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SocializedCard is a Online ID Card provider. While there are other that focus on providing such service as a Widget, they are more about giving you a landing page for Online ID Card.  A Online ID Card is a simple way to expose your public details with links for where you want found online. Be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog, your site, etc.


Why Would Want This?

It can be used mainly in two ways:

I.- A Personal Site/Blog Replacement.

Maybe you got a Facebook account, a LinkedIn account and even maybe a Twitter account. But that is it. You don’t got a personal blog or you are not interested in sharing it because you use it as a journal or only got open for family and friends. Having this Online ID Card is a good way to have a simple url to share and let your new contact or old friend decide in what way to contact or connect with you Online.

II.-A Supplemental Personal Web Page

You got quite a bit of time online, you are a active internet user and you are in a dozen or more different online services/networks.  Having a Online ID Card is a easy way to keep track of them and also let everyone know all the place where they can connect with you independently of wherever you originally met someone online or in real life.  

The Service

You have to sign up for a account and once you do you get a SocializedCard URL:


This url will give you a landing page.


In your Landing page you can put your address, public phone number, website address and a Picon (photo icon). It also comes with your localization in a Google map that expands if hovered.

Then of course you can list any of the links you want to be found and to make it easy to track if you Online ID Card is working, it comes with page views counter at the bottom of your SocializedCard web page.

Some Notes

It is a very basic service without thrills or frills.  It works fine and it looks fine enough. The service would be better if it offered some customization and extended itself via a good widget version of your Online ID Card.







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