22 April 2010

Thumba: A Great Silverlight 3 Based Photo Editor

thumba.net logo

Thumba.net is a really swift and clean photo editor. It is at the level of pretty much any of the high end Flash/Flex based Online Photo Editors with the exception of Aviary Phoenix. It was made by Brazilian developers and thanks to that it counts with 3 languages: English, Spanish and of course Portuguese.


However unlike the other Online Photo Editors, thanks to it being Silverlight 3 based, it already counts with the OOB (Out-Of-Browser) Mode that lets you install it in your Computer ( Windows & OS X) in only 3 steps if you right-click on it while having it open in your browser of choice. Once installed it will reopen as a local app window.


The editor counts with pretty much everything you need in a Photo Editor for basic and medium level photo editing. It also counts with full screen mode in both the browser and desktop version so you can use it in whatever way you want.

It will be interesting to revisit it once it gets upgraded to Silverlight 4 as that should give the developers ample room to grow given all the new features they can then easily add to it. Thumba works in all browsers and platforms (You need Moonlight 3 Preview 6 in Linux) but it can only work via OOB in Windows and OS X at this moment. It is free and it is one of the best Photo Editors RIA’s around even as new at it is. Very recommended as it is also really easy to use.







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