10 April 2010

TinyPad: A Tabbed Notepad App With Online Syncing And Sharing

TinyPad Logo

I have seen many Notepad, GTD, To-Do apps so far and very few are really good in the long run.

TinyPad is one of the very good ones that can go the distance with whoever uses it. That means you can rely on the app and see yourself actually using it more than just some few weeks or months (unless something a lot better gets you away from it of course). It got a very small installer of just 1.34mb and a very simple UI. If you saw it with a quick glance your would think it is a WordPad.


But only if you are still in Windows XP or Windows 2000. After all, the latest WordPad in Windows 7 while it is only as featured as Word For Windows 1.1 (1990) it does comes in a Office 2010 skin and flair.


So it is not on those merits that TinyPad shines, it shines in 3 other areas:

I.- Tabbed UI

You can have as many Notes you want Tabbed into a single window, and it will be able to show at least 10 at a time in its default window size.

II.-Exporting & Syncing

You can have your notes exported into a backup file locally, and you can also have your notes backed up separately and maintain them synchronized based on your notes activity.

Or export your notes online to SharedNote.com thanks to a partnership that the TinyPad team has with SharedNote.com and once you have them online, you can also synchronize them based on the changes you make to the local counterparts.

This is great because you then have online backups and also get your own online notes repository you can check from anywhere.

III.-Online Sharing

For this you need to have a SharedNote.com account where you keep TinyPad notes and also have a Twitter account. So you can share your notes links via Twitter thanks to the built-in integration with both SharedNote and Twitter.

Or you can simply grab any sharednote.com note online version link directly from the TinyPad application as the app keeps your online links around once you have published a local note online.

Then you can share that link in any way you want.

Some Notes

TinyPad is a good solution to keep all kind of notes organized and well formatted. You can have GTD notes, To-Do notes and Keep snippets of information in without ever using more than one window.

Thanks to its integration with SharedNote.com you also get to keep a online back up you can check out from your Smartphone or from anywhere without worries and the Twitter integration is a nice addition to boot in case you want to share them with a friend or the whole world.

Tomboy would be the main competition of TinyPad and while Tomboy Online is not yet up, Tomboy also got several other things going for it as being completely Cross-Platform and having several Mobile Apps  and a Companion App ( Tasque ) in development indirectly to the main product. 

Some of the things that bother me about TinyPad is the nonsensical domain for the app being iTinyApp.com instead of TinyPad.com or TinyPadApp.com and they trying to make that little bit rational by having a Mac OS X theme by default in a app that is totally Windows based and geared since it can be installed in any Windows OS from Windows 98 to Windows 7. In the case of Windows 7, it still don’t comes with any Super Taskbar Integration or Aero Glass support.

But putting my nitpicking aside, it is a great notes app and it is completely free.






Charmaine said...

The tiny pad app comes in handy. I guess I'll upgrade to Windows 7.


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