10 April 2010

WeTransfer: A Elegant Temporary File Hosting And Sharing Service

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I have seen many file sharing sites and quite a few temporary file sharing sites. But i had not seen one as well executed and pleasant as WeTransfer.

It offers the following:

  • Up to file(s) of 2gb
  • No Registration
  • Files available for 2 weeks
  • Files & E-mail is kept private
  • Up to 20 receivers per transfer

So from that point it already looks very good and since the files are private, available temporary without any long term commitment and without data duplication. WeTransfer is not subject to the problems that other online storage and file sharing sites face. Problems that end up with the sites closing or turning into premium and heavily advertised services.

WeTransfer site is Flash(or Flex) based and in this very case that is a great thing that reinforces that your file links are truly private and gives you a good uploading experience without prompts or possible browser behavior glitches as with many AJAX based uploaders . It finally also allows the service to survive via a rotation of background ads that are actually quite tasteful, unobtrusive and in some cases even intriguing enough to make you click more than one of the ads as you wait for your file to upload. And since the service is free in every sense and it works very well, in find that a big OK.



Once you have sent your file or files every recipient will receive via E-mail a special link with all the details you had specified in your upload that leads to a downloading land page.


Truly one of the best services in the temporary file sharing/hosting niche i have ever seen. If not the best one. Recommended.


WeTransfer.Info        <— The Homepage Site

WeTransfer                  <— The Service Site




Anonymous said...

Another favorite option is File Apartment (http://www.fileapartment.com). Easy to use, fast, no software to download or registration, up to 1 GB, free option, safe, and secure.


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