10 April 2010

Xboxtweet: Let Your Xbox Live Achievements Do The Tweeting



Having a good desktop Xbox Live Card Windows Widget is a good way to keep track of your Xbox 360 Gaming Achievements but then that is not really enough does it?. Of course not.


XboxTweet is a simple way to send your Xbox Achievements to Twitter and to have a 100% public version of your Xbox Live data online via your XboxTweet profile page:


This page lists your latest achievements and and places links to your Twitter page, Xbox page and comes with your Game Rank counter. It also makes out a list of the games you have played. This makes also makes XboxTweet a nice Xbox Gaming Social Network on its own, even if everything is automated and you don’t have to really do anything once you sign up. It only requires your Twitter ID via oAuth (so your ID Details never leave Twitter side) and your Xbox Tag Name.

Once you have signed up it will start tweeting out achievements as they happen:


I like XboxTweet and i think that it is a good little idea with a good execution. Using it is just a matter of you wanting to share your Xbox Achievements with your Twitter Friends or not and also wanting a public version of your Xbox Live Data for you to track and share.







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