10 April 2010

Yogile: Simple Photo Sharing Albums


The space of photo sharing startups have gone down quite a lot from some years ago and that is because of the big photo sharing “silos” we now got with Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Live Photos and things like imageshack.  Places with Billions of photos in their archives and that form part of a larger organization ( Social Network ) have become the a standard way to share photos for almost everyone online.

Yogile is the complete opposite of that. It is meant exclusively as a more intimate way of sharing photos via albums to groups or your private contacts. While this also exists in the big names of the space. There is nothing as obvious to make your photos more private as the simple reassurance of privacy thanks to obscurity.



The photo albums come with 3 different layout views, a slideshow viewer and very plain photo pages.  Another addition in the case of public and group based albums is that there is a quick look icon to check how many people and who exactly are the members of a album and how many photos they have contributed to the album. A simple hover and you get all that info right away. Another button lets you share any album link via E-mail or to multiple contacts if you login with your E-mail ID.

Another good final quality of the Yogile Albums is that their url don’t needs to be shortened as they are already thought to have a short length:


So that leaves you with a link anywhere from 19 to 29 characters at most depending the first two words in your photo album title.

Simple, well designed and fast. A good option for anyone that want to keep photo albums as simple and plain as possible.







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