17 May 2010

Audio Orchard: Silverlight Based Collaborative Music Recorder


There are many Flash/Flex based drum machines, synthesizers, sequencers and recorders. But i don’t remember one that is actually all of those and that also happens to be collaborative and comes with its own community.


Audio Orchard is all of those things and it is Silverlight 4 based.  So it is pretty cutting edge on that regard and it is 100% web based right now. The only thing you need to have to use it is Silverlight.

With this app you can record, host and share your own songs or beats and also connect with other people doing the same. You can even remix other people music or check out how others remix your own. And even if you are not interested in doing your own music, you can listen, share and download the music uploaded by the Audio Orchard community.


If you have never used a similar app but want to learn how to use Audio Orchard, you can do so right away with the 3 video tutorials being showcased by the site. Watch all 3 and you will be making your own beats and songs in no time.

Audio Orchard is a really great Online Music Recording app because it is not only very easy to use but it is also powerful enough to give you the experience you would get from a similar desktop based app thanks to it being Silverlight 4 based.  Another advantages of it is that it comes with a community from where to learn and to be inspired in better ways to use the app, that it is free and that you can directly host, listen, collaborate, comment and share any track you want besides making your own tracks.

That said, i would still like to see Audio Orchard in a SL4 OOB version (installable to desktop) that could contain all the experience of the app and site community while being able to have it integrated to your PC. Simply because having the option to do that just makes sense given it is SL4 based.


Audio Orchard


via 10REM.net  (very recommended as the post comes with a interview to the creator of Audio Orchard and all the technical details behind it)



diva42 said...

Thanks going to check this out now

Emsquared said...

Interesting.Bit glitchy and slow for me in parts but quite good if you stick with it. Will leave them some feedback.


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