17 May 2010

Bing Screensaver : Use Bing.com Best Photo Backgrounds As Your PC Screensaver



The Bing Photo Background is not only one of the things that people identify Bing.com for, it is also the most liked differentiator all around . Many like the Bing Photo Backgrounds so much that they collect them and then they set them for their Screensaver via Photo Gallery. Thanks to Bing UK, now you will not need to do that manually as they have released a Bing Screensaver app.


Bing Screensaver is a little application that sets a collection of some of the best Bing Photo Backgrounds ever (according to Bing UK) as your PC Screensaver without you doing nothing but some clicks to set things up.

It is a very light app and it can run in XP, Vista and 7 no matter if your PC is old or new as the requirements are very very low. You can download it and set it up in about a minute.

The best choice for those that wanted a official Bing Screensaver as this is the only official one so far.


Bing Screensaver                            <— Homepage

Download Bing Screensaver       <— Direct Download Link


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