20 May 2010

Diagram Designer : A Universal Windows Flowchart App


While Flowcharts are now used a lot for senseless Internet Memes making the rounds. They do actually have a useful utility even today whether you are a Engineer, Scientist, Mathematician, Teacher, Software Developer, P.I or even a Writer.  They are the best way to create a structured relational map quickly and efficiently that can be applied to any situation you are planning, studying or explaining.

Nowadays you can create some awesome and very stylish flowcharts with Office 2007 or Office 2010.

That is good and dandy it is for a professional presentation, a important school paper. But what if you are not really doing a big presentation and you only want to make flowcharts and flowcharts only.

Then these will need to be done super fast and in a simple and plain way. No need for anything that fancy.

MeeSoft got you covered then. They got this Universal Windows Flowchart App called Flowchart Designer so you only focus on making flowcharts as fast as you can. Why i say it is universal?. Because it can run in any windows from Windows 98 to Windows 7.  So it is “universal” to the times we are living in (Yeah, i just justified the title of this blog post).




  • Customizable template object palette.
  • Spellchecker (see below about dictionaries).
  • Import/export WMF, EMF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, MNG, ICO, GIF and PCX images.
  • Slide show viewer.
  • Simple graph plotter to plot mathematical expressions.
  • Advanced "pocket" calculator with equation solver.
  • MeeSoft Image Analyzer integration for bitmap image editing and extended file format support.
  • Uses compressed file format for minimizing drawing file size.

Diagram Designer could not be easier to use and there are also some add-ons for it like more templates, dictionaries and language packs. So if you want to quickly create flowcharts or even some UML class diagrams. This is a great free choice.


Diagram Designer


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