21 May 2010

Moo0 MultiDesktop : Multiple Desktop Environment App

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Moo0 MultiDesktop is a app that let you have Multiple Desktops in Windows in the same way they are in lets say OpenSUSE or Ubuntu. So you can set workspaces and keep a workflow without ever running out of screen state and without having to close apps. An idea that existed in Windows roots but that was never accessible by default. The reason for this was because Microsoft opted to push for people to focus on managing the apps open or having a second monitor. And also later on you also simply managing your apps and workflow via minimizations and OS integrations. 

Today there is no really much of a point for this app if you got Windows 7 as the Super Taskbar and all the other conventions introduced by it make such a concept completely unnecessary (And even if you wanted to use it with Windows 7, it will not play 100% nice with Aero or Windows 7 effects).

But it is still very useful if you got a Windows XP or Windows Vista Netbook, since the screen size and resolution is very limited in a Netbook compared to a regular laptop or desktop. Moo0 MultiDesktop then not just makes sense, it makes a difference by improving your workflow and maximizing what you can do in a Netbook. I personally tried it out with a MSI Wind U100 and it is a nice added capability to have.

tmp3A87   tmp47B2  tmp6063

Then you can have 4 desktops that you can fully manage from your system tray. So if you got yourself a Windows XP or Windows Vista Netbook, give this app a try. You may like it quite a bit.


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