31 May 2010

Tempalias: A Excellent Temporary Email Alias Generator

Tempalias Logo

If you like to try a lot of new online services or just want a better way to filter the way you receive emails without putting your personal E-mail address at the risk of spam. A temporary email alias is just what you may want. This way every email that you get from a temporary email alias will be forwarded to your personal email address. Once in your inbox, you will know from where you are being e-mailed or will be rest assured that any new service you give your Email, will not be able to know your real email address and sell it to spammers.

Tempalias is a Temporay Email Alias Generator that can generate as many Email Aliases you want for your real Email Address. Tempalias, unlike ShadyMail will not give you a inbox. It will only give you the Email Aliases. These only got the function to forward whatever emails they get to your real email address. Nothing more than that.


The best about Tempalias is the free range control you have on how long your Email Alias is going to last. You can set a number of days you want it to last, a number of messages for it to be able to get and then expire or both. So for example (see screenshots) i have set a temporal email alias to last only 1 day or 1 message. That means it will expire as soon as it  receives and forwards me one message or after one day after the time i set it up.

It is up to you to decide.

Once you have created your temporary email alias, it will be ready to use until it expires. No need of a user account in the site or for you to return to the site after that. So the only limitation is you cannot change the way your alias will expire once you set it up.


Tempalias is the very best execution of a temporary email alias generator i have found so far. A definitive plus is how well designed it is the site. Totally recommended.






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