20 May 2010

Windows Error Message Lookup Portable Tool


Hexadecimal Error Message Code Number dialogs are now quite rarer in Windows 7 respective to XP where they are common and in Vista where they still appear from time to time. The problem with these errors is that they will mean pretty much nothing to a non windows developer/expert.  The usual way to look up these error messages, if you don’t know what they mean is to get the Windows Documentation on them and then find what your code references to in it. That just so you know what you need to know, in order to look up for more info about that error to then find a way to fix it. Yeah, it reads more complicated than it is, but it is indeed just as slow as it reads.


But that little problem and inconvenience is now a thing of the past. Now you only need this little portable app called Error Message Lookup (or ErrMsg for short).

Then you only need to copy the error message code number (example: 80000008) and add “0x” at the beginning of every code number when you type it into the ErrMsg app.


That way if you need to troubleshoot some error by searching online you can then just search for:

Error Message Code Number + Error Message ID Info (The one you got from ErrMsg) + Your Windows OS version and that should lead you into entries of probable causes to let you fix  or know more about any issue linked to that error.

ErrMsg is a 370k Portable App and it can run in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. No matter if you got a 32 or 64 bits version. Useful for when you get unexpected hexadecimal error message codes (quite usual in XP) and to have as a back up troubleshooter tool in case the new Microsoft Fix It Center don’t provides a automated solution.


ErrMsg             <— Direct Download Link



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