30 May 2010

WizardRSS: Full RSS Feed Generator

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I always advocate for sites and blogs to offer a Full RSS Feed option. In my case it is even the default choice, thing some do not agree on and that is fine. But at least there should be the option so readers choose the one they want to subscribe to. But if a site happens to only offer a cut up feed, there will always be a way around that…

WizardRSS is a Full RSS Feed Generator that allows you to input any site or blog incomplete (summary or headlines only) rss feed in the site web form and get a full RSS or ATOM feed less than a minute after that.


Or you can even skip going to the website and generate full feeds directly from your browser address bar with this address:

http://www.wizardrss.com/feed/  + the direct url address (No Http:// or WWW) of the feed you want convert just like this rss.news.yahoo.com/rss/topstories

So the WizardRSS generated full RSS feed address would then be:


And from that same rss address example a summary feed that usually looks like this:


Will instead look like this:


Very simple and completely free. The only catch is that it will scrap any image or media from all entries. That means you will only get a text feed.

But if you are ok with the trade off, WizardRSS is the fastest and easiest way to get a full feed from a site that only offers a incomplete one.  But if for some reason it don’t works for you, you can also check FullFeeds or Full Text RSS Feed Builder as the other options to do the very same.



*Update* 1 (03/15/11): Almost Everything in this blog post still applies with the exceptions that WizardRSS is no longer of limited usage and that it has now has gone with a simpler look.

WizardRSS.com screenshot

Not enough changes to justify a whole new post. But it changes more, the a new post may be issued to replace this one. 

*Update* 2 (03/17/11): Added Full Text RSS Feed Builder as a option for a service that does the same that WizardRSS does.




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There is another free rss feed without any limits service



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