12 June 2010

FollowCup: A Silverlight Based World Cup 2010 Tracker

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I was looking for a good and simple World Cup 2010 tracker to have around in my desktop when i luckily stumbled with something even better than what i hoped for.

FollowCup is a Silverlight 4 based World Cup 2010 info tracker that can be used either from a browser or your desktop.

If you choose to use it from a browser, it will be able to work in any browser in Windows or OS X. In linux  you can access it from either Firefox 3.5+ or Chrome 5+ if you have Moonlight 3.0 installed. 

Skyfire also can access it without a problem in any supported mobile device.


If you want to have it in your Desktop via OOB mode, then you will only be able to use it that way in Windows (XP,Vista & 7)  or OS X (Leopard & Snow Leopard in a Intel Mac).

Load up FollowCup in any browser, then right-click on it for the install link to show and just click to install it. Should not take more than 30 seconds to complete its install process.

FollowCup is composed by 4 Tabs. These Tabs are:




This is the main tab and it shows you the games that will be played during the day. It also will update the scores every 15 minutes or so if one of the games is at play.  You can use the calendar to see the scores of matches played in past days.  If you click on a match, it will show you stats for that match and also lets you leave a comment about the match.




Here you can check the Groups, the order of the teams in them, game stats and their points tally.



Check all the teams of this world cup and their respective Matches calendar as they advance through (or not).

4.-Final Stages


The fourth and final tab shows you the tournament diagram for the world cup. Once the kickoff matches for all the teams are over, the real race for the cup begins. This diagram is the easiest way to keep track of the position all the teams got to up to the final game for the cup.

Some Notes

The only other extra element not mentioned above that you may have noted from the screenshots in the post, is the Twitter Widget that also comes embedded with this app to check what it is being said about the cup. I think the Twitter widget is my least favorite thing of the app as it don’t really helps much since you can’t interact with it or conduct tailored searches. That would had made it more valuable to have. But not as it is placed, There should had been a option to deactivate it as it can only be a distraction.

But if you were looking for a good World Cup 2010 tracker. FollowCup is the best i have found so far.

The fact you can have it in your desktop or in a browser as you see fit (thanks to it being Silverlight based) makes it a must have if you are following the 2010 World Cup.






samsung tablet pc said...

That was a very nice program, however is there any such program for world cup cricket?

Avatar X said...

@Samsung Tablet PC:

I did looked, but didn't found anything like it.


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