28 June 2010

PDFpick: PDF Search Engine

PDFpick.com logo

Because you cannot have enough PDF Search Engine Options, here is another one:

PDFpick just like most PDF Search Engines looks to be based on a google custom search engine with some scripts on top to filter search result so it only gives out result based on certain query strings added to the keyword anyone puts into the form of the site. Results seem to be of “ok” quality. good to have in case one of your favorite PDF search engines is down.







rapidshare search said...

That's interesting, by the way you can also use something like http://www.usemeplz.com to search and download ebooks of similar thematics. Because first of all it's absolutely free and also very convenient.

Unknown said...

New PDF Search engine for you here.

Avatar X said...

@Debabrata: Thanks. interesting WP- Script to its runs on too.


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