04 July 2010

Fauxsaics: Online Photomosaic Generator

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Photomosaics are now a classic sight for printed memorials in magazines or for when they want to capture the zeitgeist of a certain long gone year or well documented historic moment. I don’t remember if it was Time magazine the one that popularized this back in the 2000. But i remember a news piece about it saying that they were done in a state of the art software running in a state of the art computer. Of course that was around 10 years ago.

Now, there is of course some paid software to do photomosaics and they can run perfectly even on 2008 netbooks. But then again, you could always take a shortcut and get your own photo mosaic in 5-15 minutes right about now even if you are in a 10 year old PC at work.


Fauxsaics is just the way to archive that easily. The reason of the word faux in the name may be because the dev wanted to be specifically honest about the tool limitations and behavior. Fauxaics can give you a easy to do photomosaic. But you have to be ok with the limitations that this is not a perfect photomosaic in strict terms. A perfect photomosaic needs to use the colors of the  pictures in the processed photos, without repeating the photos. At most it can only alter the tonality of the photos. There is also the thing about requiring a minimum of 1000 photos. The best Photo mosaics ever made have usually required around 10,000 photos.

So, fauxaics will be able to ditch these requirements and give you a photomosaic with only a few dozen photos by pixelating the canvas picture, altering its tonality, resolution and repeating the photos you feed it in order to compose a defined enough piece.

Once you are ok with these limitations, you can get your very own fauxaic for free with only four steps and 5 to 15 minutes depending how you get to do your piece:

1.- Upload a canvas picture

2.-Choose tile size

(or simply leave the default tile size already marked untouched)

3.-Add tile pictures.

(They can be added from your PC, from by linking to the photos online or by importing them from your Facebook account.)

4.-Click to process your Fauxaic.


Fauxaics is a good and easy to use online tool to make a good enough photomosaic quickly and free of charge. Additionally it also makes for nice time waster.






Jack77 said...

I liked other photomosaic software


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