23 July 2010

Flisti: Free And Simple Online Polls With Zero Requirements

Flisti Logo

Flisti is a Free Online Polls service that lets you create a poll the fastest way yet, as it don’t requires any kind of registration. You can start creating your poll from the homepage itself via a very easy to follow web form.


The homepage also serves as your user dashboard as Flisti will remember what polls you have made or voted in if you let it. That means if you accept to keep a tracking cookie from the site. As long as you have the cookie. Flisti will be able to track what you have done while using the service. It is up to you.


There only three other things to see in the site beyond creating a poll:

  • 1.-Checking out the newest polls created
  • 2.-Checking out the polls with the most votes
  • 3.-Voting in Flisti polls.

Other than that, there is nothing but creating polls.


Once you have created a poll, Flisti gives you a easily shareable url for the poll landing page (ad supported). So other people visiting Flisti can view it and vote on it via the Flisti Poll tracking lists (Latest or Top).

From there, the poll can also be Tweeted, Buzzed or Liked. If it has been shared, you will also be able to see how many times that happened and where.

And finally, if you want to use the poll in your blog, you can grab the code to embed it as a widget.


A really good, simple and fast way to make a online poll. The fact it got no registration takes all the friction out of the service and makes creating a poll something very impulsive given how easy and fast is to do so. Totally recommended.







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