01 July 2010

FotoSketcher: Turn Your Photos Into Art


I remember back in the late 90’s some mall booths where you could take a photo and instead of getting just a common set of photos, you would get the photos as a sketch or as a watercolor painting?

If you happen to remember those or having seen them in a movie or tv show. FotoSketcher does exactly the same thing. Just that it does that even better and it can do it with any kind of Photo.

With FotoSketcher you can load up any kind of photo and get it converted to a B&W sketch, a color sketch, and  even in several kinds of paintings. You can also edit and tweak to get some pretty striking results like the ones shown in this post:






I found the results to be excellent for such a light app. It is also 100% FREE.  The author of the app, David Thoiron really deserves some major kudos for this great app. Totally recommended.

FotoSketcher comes in two versions: Installable (setup, OS integration, uninstaller) or Portable (save anywhere and run), it only weights 3.9mb and it works in Windows XP, Vista & 7.


FotoSketcher                                                  <—Info Page

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