11 July 2010

FullFeeds: Unlimited Full RSS Feed Generator

This post has been updated as of 03/17/11, check the notes at the end of it for the full info on that.


There is nothing better than blogs or website that offer full RSS feeds. This is of course the case of Appatic. But there are many blogs and websites that only offer partial RSS feeds or not RSS feed at all. If you encounter one of these cases in a site you like. You will be glad to know that you don’t have to conform or resign to what the are or aren’t offering you.


FullFeeds.org is a full RSS feed generator that can take any partial feed and convert it into a full feed or accept any URL from any website URL and generate a full feed for it. All free and for unlimited use. The only limitation is that the generated feed can only hold text. All other elements will not carry on to the generated feeds.

For example a partial feed that looks like this:


Will instead look like this:


The only thing you need to do is to go the site and input the link of the site or the link to the partial feed you want to generate/convert into a full feed. You can also skip that part and convert/generate feeds on demand via their bookmarklet too, if you prefer.

But even then, it is the very best Full RSS feed generator yet as its use is not limited like in the case of as it is even better than WizardRSS. But check that entry too if you want a second option for the same thing as a backup.




*Update* 1 (03/15/11): WizardRSS is no longer limited. so I have updated what I had said before as it no longer applies

*Update* 2 (03/17/11): FullFeeds.org looks to be down all the time now and it may not come back. Full Text RSS Feed Builder is the perfect replacement and choice in the case that happens. So give it a look.





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