03 July 2010

Gpanion: A Icon Based Startpage For Google Apps And Services

gpanion logo

While Opera Software was the originator of the speed dial startpage, it was IE8 with the dial view and Google Chrome with their quick start page the ones that made it mainstream. Before that, the startpage concept was more popular as what is also known as webtop by the likes of Netvibes, Pageflakes, MyYahoo, MyAOL and iGoogle. But once Google Chrome started getting a bit popular, it generated a revival of old school startpages like Start.io.

But there was also those that wanted to bridge the old with the new by making them Icon based like the more well known and very attractive MyFav. 


Gpanion is a extended version of the same idea and logic of fav4.org and the Google Chrome quick start page. But completely focused on Google Apps and Services.  I would there to say that it follows Google style so much that it could be confused by a actual Google service if it was not for the name and the logo.

If you happen to use Google as your main search engine and you also use more than 5 services or apps from Google. Gpanion is a really good option for a main startpage or secondary startpage (as you can set more than one tap to open at the same time in your browser when called).

Gpanion does not require a account but it got a quick Google Account sign in so the startpage reorders the icons based on your own frequent use and so once you click an icon and it opens in another tab, it will load up directly to the service without you having to sign in. So it also works as a Google Account ID Helper if you choose to use it.







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